Our church is located at 36185 Abrams St. Whitehall, WI

What can you expect?

We are a not-so-large church in a not-so-large place.  You will meet great people from every age group here.  Some folks have been in town and in our church for decades and others are new to town or new to our church.  Welcome to small-town Midwest!


How should I dress for a Sunday Service?

We are a casual church and that is reflected in the clothes most people generally wear.  We are more concerned about learning who God is and being open to learn more.


What can I expect when I walk in the building?

Our greeters will meet you at the door with the intention of making you feel like we’ve planned for your arrival.  Our church building is not big but navigating to the gym, restrooms, or classrooms for the first time can be tricky so they are waiting to help you. 


Where do I take my kids?

Children of all ages are welcome for the entire service if that is your preference.  We have a Mother's Room with live video of the service for those times when little ones get fussy, and also provide Nursery care for children 0-4 for the entirety of the 9am worship service.  For kids 4 years-5th grade, Children’s Church is available three weeks ofeach month; kids are dismissed before the sermon begins.  


During our 10:30am discipleship hour we have groups for 4-years-old through adulthood, and the Nursery space is available though not formally staffed. 


What is a worship service like?

Our services typically last around 65-75 minutes, with a sermon generally occupying 30 minutes.  We employ a broad and varied spectrum of musical worship--old and new, fast and slow, rejoicing and lamenting-- that is saturated with the truth of the Bible.  It is our pattern to share in Communion on the second Sunday of each month.